Why You Should Not Bother With Your Diaspora Friends in Facebook

Thank you all for visiting my blog. The other day I got a call from a friend in the Diaspora requesting me to pull down all the articles posted in this site. He was complaining that I write negative things about the Kenyan citizens who live in the Diaspora. What he never confirmed is whether the ‘negative’ information in these articles is true or false. At least I wanted him to confirm whether there is any truth in what Kenyans at home hear about them. He never wanted to confirm how they wash utensils for a living. I’m not the one saying this. We have been hearing weird stories on how Kenyans in the Diaspora earn their living. I have a friend who is a lecturer at the University of Nairobi. He used to tell me how he worked off campus while studying at Arizona state university, in the United States washing nannies for $100 a day working for four hours only.

I come out clear today not to defend myself, but to tell him that all the information in these articles has been proven and verified before getting posted here. So, let them not accuse me that I post information based on rumors or heresy.

Okay. To get on today’s topic, I read one of my friends Facebook post about a childhood friend, living in Texas, who keeps ignoring him every time he tries to initiate a chat in facebook. This guy updated his facebook status saying how he is disappointed with a friend of his. He mentioned his friend’s name and vowed to un-friend or block him. I felt sorry for this guy and therefore advised him to keep his friends close but his enemies closest.

In my case, I don’t have any Kenyan citizen in the Diaspora who I can call a friend. Okay let me put myself clear here. I used to have Kenyan friends in the Diaspora but my effort to reach them through their phones or Facebook, yield nothing. I had the same experience where I thought they ignored me when trying to initiate a chat with them. I came to realize that they are not really ignoring people. These have to work extra hours, day and night to get extra dollars to pay bills. When we see them online maybe they are not really facebooking or browsing. They have phones connecting to Wi-Fi whenever they find it available. So you may think that they are facebooking, but truth is that they aren’t.

In my view, the Kenyan citizens in the Diaspora are good people. They can initiate you chat with them once in a while but not you to initiate a chat. They are always interactive when chatting but when you start mentioning they send you money, they go offline forever. Those who come here they floss on mining dollar in the US. But ask them their job, what they do for a living, they will not tell you. You will be lucky to find one who buys you Pombe every day. But it is written that man shall not live by Pombe alone, but by every dollar they share with you.




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